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Our company is unique because none of us came from the cannabis space. We’re a company of consumers, and like most marijuana consumers we had little to no knowledge of the growing process, no idea the kind of time or investment growers dedicate to their crop, or any understanding of what it takes for them to keep the bud from getting infected with powdery mildew, yeast, mold, and bacteria.

Then we visited a grow and were in awe of the operation: the smell of marijuana overpowering the second you walk in the door, rooms of plants in rows stretching from one corner to the other, from one wall to the next; seedling plants that had just sprouted in one room, giant tree-like plants in another. 


Then, we saw an employee in a hazmat suit spraying the crop and asked why the man was dressed in protective gear?  He is spraying the pesticides on the bud we were told and that is when it hit us!  How can the crop be safe to consume if they wear hazmat suits when applying pesticides?

Each state requires testing on cannabis before it can be sold in a dispensary. Because of the microbial threats present in all indoor cultivation growers are forced to deal with it in a myriad of ways but most seem to elect to spray their bud with pesticides. We understood growers are in a difficult situation: They don't want to spray their cannabis, but they had no other option, short of losing their crop. 

We started investigating to see if we could find better solutions for them. We  knew there had to be some kind of product out there that could help solve this growers’ dilemma. He learned that while the pesticides have been governmentally approved, most consumers prefer not to have industrial sprays on their food, or their weed. Since we started this research many of these pesticide sprays have been banned.

While the sprays are in our view unsafe they’re also inefficient. Growers can do their absolute best, but their bud still gets sent to the lab for state approval and then gets sent back with a wide array of problems. The pesticide cocktails aren’t working.

“This is the most rampant and most unspoken about issue in the industry. No grower wants to admit they have a problem, but among themselves they’ll talk shop about how to manage it. 


It took three years to find and validate the answer to the pesticide conundrum. A strip with invisible light. Sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, but it was real and it had already worked on other indoor crops. Cannabis is a flower just like many other plants, we figured, so why not test the technology and see if it’d work on marijuana.


Before we went out to sell to growers or make any claims, we spent the last year and a half validating the science to prove it will work in a grow without harming the cannabis in any way.


He met with several growers who disbelieved our claims that an invisible light would work, so he challenged them to prove the technology wrong. ​​

Having already vetted and proven the technology in lab tests, we asked them to do a small in-grow test to prove it would work inside a grow.  We set up lights in one corner of a grow and worked with the grower to provide samples to an independent lab.  As initial tests came back, we were able to make adjustments and figure out the sweet spot: the ideal strip-to-plant ratio. Once the lights were proven effective in the field, we added lights to 25 percent of the grow and saw the same success. The lights worked!

We remain careful about language. We learned that the light does not completely remove the problem -- you can never completely kill the bacteria's. What you can do is eliminate problems like powdery mildew and mold faster than the microbials can reproduce, in effect killing it off continuously with constant exposure from the wands.

Every crop grown under our lights have passed final state-authorized testing without pesticides and residue. 

After finding this solution, we kept talking with growers and learned of other problems they face. Namely, how microbials develop in the air and the challenges of keeping the grow room clean. So, we went to work again. We looked to other industries to see if there was a solution out there that could adapt to cannabis. And we found it.

Aqueous Ozone develops naturally in the earth's atmosphere and was adopted into a technology in the 1920s. Our Kona Aqueous Ozone faucet installs directly into a sink and can be used as a replacement for chemical cleaning agents. Growers are even "making it rain" using the water to disinfect and to flush the plant. The beauty of Ozone? It turns back into purified water after about hour of coming out of the faucet, so it's completely harmless and leaves NO RESIDUES.

Around the time we found the Kona Aqueous Ozone faucets we also started researching air purification units. That's when we found Puradigm.  Their product creates an air filtration system that latches onto harmful pathogens in the air and eliminates them.

It doesn't just filter the air. It directly cleanses the air stream to ensure the pathogens will not be able to replicate.  The unit literally alters the chemistry in the air by killing the pathogenic viruses.

Now our company is in the process of educating the market that there are better solutions available. We have yet to meet a grower who has told us they want to spray. “The more we've learned and the more we continue to learn, the more we are convinced that the consumer deserves a clean product and they deserve to know how their cannabis has been produced," shared Brett Johnson the founder of SpectrumGro.

We figured out how to solve several of the problems growers face with our overlapping approach of Air, Water, and Light.

While we're bringing these products to market, we're constantly listening and learning and working to find more solutions that will help you deliver a cleaner, safer product to consumers.

SpectrumGro is the your source for a broad spectrum of nature's science that improves  the

health and safety in the cannabis industry. We use nature to solve nature's problems. We are a Clean Green Certified™supplier, meaning using our products will help get you as "close as you can get to organic in cannabis."

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