AirLogix Hydroxyl Air Purification System

Replicate the clean, smog-free, chemical-free air

only found at 8,000 feet elevation inside your grow.

Rid your grow of cross infection, molds, viruses, and bacteria, 

in addition to any chemicals in the air.

Ultraviolet Light is Mother Nature's Natural Cleanser

The technology utilizes ultraviolet light power.

There are four bandwidths in ultraviolet light,

going from 400 to 100 nanometers that range in length.

This unit utilizes two of the four: UVC and UVV.

UVC is a proven germicidal that has been used since the

early 1900's in purification systems. It creates a direct

UV bombardment. When unhealthy air particles are hit

with enough radiation, they die and can't replicate.

UVV is potentially even more important.

It causes the interaction with the water vapor. It's a

shorter wavelength and interacts with the water vapor

and the oxygen to create atmospheric hydroxyl,

which is the natural occurrence up at 8,000 feet elevation.

It doesn't just filter the air.

It directly cleanses the air stream to ensure the pathogens will not be able to replicate.

The unit literally alters the chemistry in the air by killing the pathogenic viruses.

Hydroxyls (HO) are naturally created in our atmosphere when the

sun's ultraviolet light reacts with oxygen, ozone, and water vapor.

That process is replicated in each unit.

It keeps the air fresh by decomposing organic and inorganic compounds

while killing pathogens in the air and on surfaces.

Hydroxyl technology is being used in hospitals and have been proven to fight
infections in more than 25 percent of admitted patients.

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