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We're looking for top flight talent with knowledge of the industry to call on and educate growers on how to implement our technology.

You'll work directly with growers, dispensaries, and other businesses in the cannabis industry to help provide safer, healthier solutions to problems they face everyday. We're not going to risk our reputation or yours on false claims. SpectrumGro does the research to prove what you're selling works and will benefit your client's business. We have the solution, we just need you to sell it to them.

We're looking for candidates with a background in sales and a strong background in the cannabis industry.

SpectrumGro is the your source for a broad spectrum of nature's science that improves  the

health and safety in the cannabis industry. We use nature to solve nature's problems. We are a Clean Green Certified™supplier, meaning using our products will help get you as "close as you can get to organic in cannabis."

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