Oxidis® by Kona® Complete Ozone System

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  • Ozone kills ALL common pathogens and removes pesticides,
  • Ozone kills all common yeast, mold, fungi, and algae.
  • The USDA has granted clearance for O3 use directly on foods
  • Ozone is chemical free; produces no toxic by-products and leaves no residues, per the EPA, turning back into plain water within one hour.

Oxidis® by Kona® has introduced the Oxidis® Ozone Faucet system, a faucet attachment that converts almost any faucet to deliver powerful ozonated tap water that safely kills pathogens. The system features a small, thin ozone generator that produces O3 and mixes it with the tap water to deliver a natural disinfectant with no chemicals or chemical residue. O3 will eliminate 99.9 percent of all common viruses and bacteria, is 100 times stronger than chlorine and can kill bacteria 3,100 times faster. All it needs is a standard 110 outlet for power!

The broad-spectrum antimicrobial also kills mold, yeast and algae within seconds of contact. It is effective against all common food pathogens, including E. coli, Norovirus and Salmonella, and removes pesticides from fresh produce. Ozone water is also useful for protecting businesses and homes from germs, eliminating the need for conventional sanitizers on surfaces.

The Oxidis® Ozone System is available now and extremely affordable at $749.  You can produce more than 95 gallons of powerful disinfection for less than $1.

Natural, Safe, Effective, Economical, Environmentally Friendly, and leaving no residue, it is an obvious choice for disinfection that pays for itself for years to come. What other disinfection product delivers all these varied applications from food to floors to surfaces safely?


Need help with installation? View this YouTube tutorial video. 

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EPA registered Establishment.  FDA Class . UL, NSF compliant, CE.