Spectrum /'spektrem/ (1): a broad range of varied but related ideas or objects, the individual features of which tend to overlap so as to form a continuous series or sequence.

Our company is unique because none of us came from the cannabis space. We’re a company of consumers, and, like most marijuana consumers, we had no knowledge of the growing process, no idea the kind of time or investment growers dedicate to their crop, or any understanding of what it takes for them to keep the bud from getting infected with powdery mildew, yeast, mold, and bacteria. Our goal is to help cultivators craft the closest thing to organic their cannabis can get.

Then we visited a grow and were in awe of the operation: the smell of marijuana overpowering the second you walk in the door, rooms of plants in rows stretching from one corner to the other, from one wall to the next; seedling plants that had just sprouted in one room, giant tree-like plants in another.


Then, we saw a man in a hazmat suit and asked why the man was dressed in protective gear.

They’re the ones who spray the pesticides on the bud, we were told.

“The more we've learned and the more we continue to learn, the more we are convinced that the consumer deserves a clean product and they deserve to know how their cannabis has been produced," Johnson says.

Our broad spectrum approach of air, water, and light helps provide a cleaner environment to naturally cultivate your cannabis without the worry of microbial threats. 

While we're bringing these products to market, we're constantly listening and learning and working to find more solutions that will help you deliver a cleaner, safer product to consumers.

SpectrumGro is the your source for a broad spectrum of nature's science that improves  the

health and safety in the cannabis industry. We use nature to solve nature's problems. We are a Clean Green Certified™supplier, meaning using our products will help get you as "close as you can get to organic in cannabis."

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