Air, water, light. The core needs for life. SpectrumGro provides all-natural and efficient solutions for protection against mold, mildew, and bacteria. Our synergistic Aqueous Ozone,and Pathogen Death Wand technology completely prevent the need for harsh pesticides, fungicides, and other chemical sanitization products all for pennies per plant. Learn more now!
Aqueous Ozone

Combat pathogens and microbials in your using 100% natural Aqueous Ozone. Our patented technology starts paying for itself right out of the box​, costing only hundredths of a cent per gallon. Simply install an Aqueous Ozone faucet to an existing sink and flip a switch to immediately begin producing a safe alternative to bleach cleansers. Aqueous Ozone leaves no residue - after one hour, the water returns to its normal state.

The Pathogen Death Wand

The Pathogen Death Wand (PDW)™ strip is not a grow light -  it is a highly-specialized, patent-pending LED light. Environmentally safe, the PDW strip destroys detrimental microbial pathogens on cannabis and has no negative effect on cannabinoids, terpenes, or potency. The units promote healthier grow cycles by rapidly destroying yeast, mold, and bacteria. They are effective at all stages of the growing process, from clone to cure℠


Protect your plants from pathogens and outside elements using custom-designed Airdyne grow and cure rooms. Our walk-in units can be built to your specs and are easy to install. By using cutting-edge cooling technology, our grow rooms operate at minimal costs, saving cultivators and processors thousands of dollars per year. Airdyne units are simple to maintain and feature multiple safeguards to ensure optimal performance. Contact us now for a customized quote!

SpectrumGro is the your source for a broad spectrum of nature's science that improves  the

health and safety in the cannabis industry. We use nature to solve nature's problems. We are a Clean Green Certified™supplier, meaning using our products will help get you as "close as you can get to organic in cannabis."

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