Safe solutions protecting your cannabis from clone to cure
Spectrum /'spektrem/ (1): a broad range of varied but related ideas or objects, the individual features of which tend to overlap so as to form a continuous series or sequence
Our synergistic AirLogix Hydroxyl Air Purification Technology, Kona Aqueous Ozone Faucet, and Pathogen Death Wand with PDe3 technology create a dynamic spectrum approach to cannabis safety.
The synergistic air, water, and light trifecta provides both pathogen elimination and safety at every stage of the growing process. Following the food service model, we offer a broad range of varied but related safeguards to protect your plants and your investment.

               Hydroxyl Air Purification

Rid your grow of Powdery Mildew mold, viruses, and bacteria.

It doesn't just filter the air. It directly attacks the pathogens in the air stream to ensure they cannot replicate on any surface, including your plants. The unit literally alters the chemistry of the air by killing the pathogenic viruses so your plants breathe the cleanest air possible.

AirLogix Mini Hydroxyl 900


AirLogix Hydroxyl Technology

- Destroys unhealthy air particles

- Replicates air found at 8,000 ft. elevation

- Disinfects every surface in your grow

Safely cleanses the air in your grow

- Eradicates bacteria, viruses, and mold

- Destroys chemical and biological odors

- Safely disinfect the viruses in the grow

Designed for every grow

- Treat your the AC units, vents, and rooms

- Multiple sizes for different rooms

- Increase yield, reduce labor costs

From clone to cure, our products protect you.
The Science:

Replicate the clean, smog-free, chemical-free air only found at 8,000 feet elevation.


Hydroxyls (HO) are naturally created in our atmosphere when the sun's

ultraviolet light reacts with oxygen, ozone, and water vapor.

This process is replicated in each unit.

Our AirLogix defense system provides an immediate and permanent solution to odor molecules, bacteria, viruses, and molds that circulate in your grow.


Hydroxyls decontaminate the air, and any surface or object the air touches. They produce atmospheric hydroxyls that circulate through the air stream to places that can’t be reached by other disinfecting agents.

              Aqueous Ozone Faucet

Chemical cleaning agents or a safe, natural solution?
Choose natural. 

Infection control on tap, 24 hours a day for pennies a day. This EPA and FDA approved treatment is effective for an hour and then turns back into water. It leaves no residue and destroys pathogens and viruses on any surface. Tested and proven on tomato plants. A proven, safe solution for disinfection and irrigation.

AquaLogic Ozonated Water Faucet                         AquaLogic Wall Mount Tri-Oxide Faucet                 AquaLogic Goose Neck Home Unit

Faucet Height: 7 1/2''                                                                 Faucet height: 3 1/2''                                                                  Faucet Height: 8 1/2'' 

Spout Reach: 4''                                                                         Spout reach: 4 1/2''                                                                     Spout reach: 5 1/2''   

Safely eliminates pathogens and residue

Natural disinfectant that combats viruses and pathogens

Cleans every surface in your grow

Cleanses your plants, water lines, and trays


Saves you money

Costs three-one-hundredths of a cent per gallon

Eliminate cleaning chemicals from your facility


Designed for every grow

Installs directly into your existing sink

Leaves no residue

Simple to use, just flip a switch from tap water to aqueous ozone

Kona is UPC certified and the FDA regards 
Aqueous Ozone as generally safe for direct use.
The Science:

Ozonated water is 100 times stronger than chlorine and kills bacteria 3,100 times faster. Lab tests concluded that ozonated water can inactivate bacteria on surfaces by over 99.98% and remove 214 pesticides in one minute.

Ozone (O3) is an antibacterial agent that is effective at oxidizing and destroying
pathogens and viruses on equipment and surfaces. 


- Ozonated water leaves no residue and is a safe, inexpensive, anti-microbial replacement for chemical cleaners.


- Ozone kills ALL common pathogens and kills bacteria 3,100 times faster than traditional methods.


- Ozone is 100 times stronger than Chlorine and removes pesticides, common yeasts, mold, fungi, and algae.


- Ozone is chemical free; it produces no toxic by-products and leaves no residues. It oxidizes pesticides and rinses them away.


- It turns back into plain water within one hour.

How it works:


By replacing your current faucet with the ozonated water faucet, you have an in-house natural disinfecting agent. To use, twist the top of the faucet to turn on the oxidation. When you want to use the faucet for regular water, turn the oxidation off. Simple as that. There are multiple safeguards in the plumbing so  water will not mix with the electrical aspects of the ozonation process. If there is a problem, the faucet will automatically shut off.

Pathogen Death Wand

A clean, natural solution or pesticides?

The strip is designed to complement your existing grow lights and work synergistically within your current grow operation. The technology has no negative effect on cannabinoids, terpenes, or potency. The wand does not utilize UV light, and is safe for humans and plants. Scientifically proven from the lab to the grow, and is safe!

The Specs:

The wands are 1.3” high, 1.2” wide, and 46” long.

They weigh 3 pounds and are made from powder coated aluminum.

The lens is made up of 162 LED diodes enclosed by glass. 

Each wand covers four to six plants and can be easily purchased in master cartons of six.

Safely and naturally eliminates pathogens

- Eliminates the need for spraying treatments

- Promotes healthier grow cycles with PDe³ natural light energy

- Safer for the crop, employees, and consumers


Saves you money

- Eliminate pesticide costs and liability

- Efficient, non-employee dependent

- Protect your plants for as low as nickel a day per plant

Designed for every grow

- Synergistic with your current grow lights

Tested results on over 3,000+ plants and validated in four states, and not one failed!

The Pathogen Death Wand emits an invisible light spectrum that destroys
yeast, mold, and bacteria in a clean, safe, and cost effective manner.

Most states require two tests: pesticides and microbials. By removing the use of pesticides, we can guarantee

you’ll pass the first state test. The microbial threat is eliminated by the PDW, resulting in natural, safe cannabis.

The Science:

PDe3 technology is engineered to eliminate powdery mildew, Botrytis, and molds. It is effective at each stage of the grow process, from clone to cure. Use the natural light spectrum to eliminate microbial threats.

SpectrumGro is the your source for a broad spectrum of nature's science that improves  the

health and safety in the cannabis industry. We use nature to solve nature's problems. We are a Clean Green Certified™supplier, meaning using our products will help get you as "close as you can get to organic in cannabis."

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