Customized Grow and Cure Room Walk-In Chambers

Our units are easy to install, service and operate at a lower energy cost.

Unitized at the factory, our customized units include:

  • Scroll compressors

  • Single circuited condensers

  • Oversized receivers vibration eliminators

  • Prewired control panels with main fused disconnects

  • Compressor breakers


  • Contractors, relays and cooling time clocks

  • Duel pressure controls with crankcase heaters
    (for low ambient conditions) 

The Technology:

The Walk-In Chambers utilize technology from walk-in freezers, boasting high functioning temperature controls. You can choose from one of eight standard models and two to twenty compressors with various cooling applications.

Each unit comes equipped with a moisture indicator that provides additional protection against contaminants by removing moisture, foreign matter, and acids from the entire system.

The Specs:


The chamber features a durable 14-gauge galvanized cabinet with a ridged 3'' square channel base that simplifies installation by automatically distributing the unit's weight and simplifying placement of all rigging holes.


The field-proven single-circuit condenser coils increase each unit's efficiency due to their seamless copper tube construction, mechanically expanded to bond with the ripped aluminum parts, and the coil's staggered row installation pattern.


Piping construction utilizes sweat fittings instead of flare nuts, thereby reducing leaks.

Electrical Control Panel

The electrical control panel is pre-wired with main fused disconnect, compressor breakers, contractors, fuses, and interlock relays. Wiring is precisely installed and clearly identified for rapid installation.

Head Pressure Control

The adjustable head pressure control system works in combination with a fan control cycle to maintain optimum performance, even in low ambient conditions.

Crankcase Heater 

Included in all systems.

The Savings:

High Functioning Cooling System

Our units release heat outputs outside the building, thereby reducing air conditioning loads and making it possible for operators to use a smaller cooling system inside the unit.

Lower Operating Costs

The constant cooling of external airflow across the compressor body lowers operating costs and increases the life of the compressor. External airflow lowers the operating temperature, reduces overheating, and increases compressor efficiency.

Reduced Installation Costs

Installation costs are also low due to complete factory assembly. This eliminates the on-site construction costs of building up a system. 

Low Maintenance Costs

Each unit is designed to allow easy accessibility when repairs or replacement of parts are required. There are multiple safeguards built in, so if one system fails, the other system maintains operation. 

Proven track record with hundreds of units in operation worldwide.

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