The Natural Disinfectant for Your Grow:           

What disinfectant is safe and inexpensive, while completely destroying pathogens and viruses on any surface?
What leaves no residue and is an effective anti-microbial replacement for chemical disinfectants?
Aqueous Ozone.
Eliminate pathogens and residue safely
  • Kills viruses and other harmful micro organisms with a natural disinfectant
  • Disinfect every surface in your grow
  • Protect the lifespan of your plants

Save money
  • Costs hundredths of a cent per gallon
  • Starts paying for itself right out of the box​
Install easily and quickly in any grow
  • Add the faucet to your existing sink
  • Simple to use, just flip a switch​​
  • No residue. After an hour, ozonation cycle ends and water returns to normal state

Ozone is Mother Nature's Anti-Microbial Disinfectant 

The Background

The ozone water treatment system is one of the most potent and effective germicides available in the market today. It is 100 times stronger than chlorine and kills bacteria 3,100 times faster. Lab tests concluded that ozonated water can inactivate bacteria on surfaces by over 99.98% and remove 240 pesticides within one minute. The EPA has approved ozonation treatment for bacteria and viruses.

In 2014, the FDA cleared ozonated water as a final stage disinfectant for medical devices used in hospitals. Ozone kills both Graham positive and negative bacteria’s as well as enveloped and non-enveloped viruses.

Ozone is a powerful broad-spectrum microbiological agent which kills bacteria and viruses within seconds of contact. 

  • Ozone is 100 times stronger than chlorine and kills bacteria 3,100 times faster

  • Ozone kills ALL common pathogens and removes ALL pesticides

  • Ozone kills ALL common yeast, mold, fungi, and algae

  • Ozone is chemical free; it produces no toxic by-products and leaves no residues.

  • The ozonation cycle ends after an hour and water returns to normal state

The Faucet

The faucet provides a natural cleaner that eliminates pesticides and microbials.

The faucet can be installed into an existing sink and comes with a white box

that triggers the ozonation process. By twisting the end of the faucet, you switch

the ozonation on and off. When the switch is not turned on, it can be used as a

regular sink faucet.

Once the ozonated water leaves the faucet, it remains viable for up to an hour. 

In that time, you can use it to clean your grow room walls, disinfect supplies,

and you can even submerge your plants into the water to remove any residue

or pesticides.

  • Disinfect your surfaces and devises 

  • Disinfect tap water

  • Disinfect sinks and drains with every use to prevent development of bio-film

  • Rinse hands and devices of toxic chemicals without re-contamination

  • Oxidize and remove chemical sterilants

Infection control on tap, 24 hours a day for pennies a day.


Our Kona faucet will produce over 500,000 gallons of disinfecting aqueous tri-oxide for a cost of approximately $ .004 cents per gallon potentially saving millions of dollars over the life of the faucet.

The Specs:

  • Includes standard hot and cold water options, in addition to the custom ozonation switch

  • Blue light on base indicates water stream is ozonated

  • As a safety feature, there is a built-in series of check valves that prevent water from flowing back into the electrical components

  • Generates 1.2 gallons per minute of Aqueous Ozone between 0.6 and 1.3 ppm, which is a proven anti microbial against all known bacteria, viruses, fungus and mold. Operates with 35-70 PSI

Easy installation:

  • All that's needed are standard water supply lines and an AC adaptor

  • The units are UPI, CE and UL approved.


  • Full 1 year manufacturer warranty 

  • Produce 500,000 million gallons before control box needs to be replaced

Kona Goose Neck Home Unit

  • Faucet Height: 7 1 ⁄4”

  • Spout Reach: 4”

Kona Goose Neck Home Unit

  • Faucet Height: 16 1 ⁄2”

  • Spout Reach: 8 1 ⁄2”

Compliant with the following standard(s) : Section 1417(d) of the Safe Drinking Act.  The lead content requirements of Section 116875 of the California Health & Safety Code.  NSF/ANSI 372.  ASME A112.18-1 – 2012/CSAB125.1-12
Kona is UPC certified and the FDA regards Aqueous Ozone
and Ozone gas as generally safe for direct use. Aqueous Ozone is EPA approved.
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