Hydroxyl Generator Uses

Eliminate Odors in Businesses, Homes and More

  • Eliminate cigarette smoke odor
  • Remove pet urine odors
  • Clear musty odors from home or basements
  • Eliminate rotten food or trash odors

After a Flood or a Pipe Burst

  • Eliminate stagnant water odors
  • Cut off the food supply for molds to prevent them from forming
  • Permanently eliminate all odors and have them never return!

After a Fire

  • After a wildfire (like the California wildfire of 2018)
    • Communities near and far from the fires experienced smoke odor and air quality issues
    • Hydroxyl generators can be (and were) used to to effectively and permanently get rid of the smoke smell
  • After a large loss in a commercial setting
    • Hydroxyl generators have been used in hundreds of large losses across the U.S., including at major retailers like Costco and Ikea
  • After a residential fire

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