Hydroxyl Generators FAQ

What is a Hydroxyl radical?

Hydroxyl radicals are molecules that occur naturally in our atmosphere. They contain one atom of hydrogen and one of oxygen. They are created when ultra-violet (UV) rays from the sun react with water vapor, and are the single most important cleansing agent in our environment.


What is a Hydroxyl Generator and what does it do?

Hydroxyl generators use the same broad range of UV radiation as the sun to naturally clean and deodorize indoor environments.

Hydroxyl radicals (as mentioned above) are created naturally in the earth's atmosphere. These hydroxyl radicals rapidly decompose chemicals in the air and play a crucial role in keeping earth's atmosphere clear of harmful compounds. A Hydroxyl Generator creates these radicals to simulate the same process within your home or office.


Are Hydroxyl Generators easy to use?

Yes! Simply plug it in to a standard 120 volt power supply, turn it on and let it run. They run on less than 3 amps of power, which consumes very little electricity. The machines are tough, portable and lightweight.


Are these generators safe to run in occupied areas?

Yes! Hydroxyl radicals are completely safe for people, pets and plants. They will not damage rubber, plastic, leather, vinyl, electronics or other sensitive materials. They will also not bleach or discolor items that are wet.


What type of maintenance is required?

Very little. The highly-specialized optics need to be replaced, on average, after approximately 8,000 hours (longer run times are possible with continuous use). Some generators also contain washable filters that need to be cleaned once a month. Also, depending on the bio-load the optics need to be cleaned with alcohol and gloves.


How long does it take to work?

Results are often noticed within the first few hours of operation, with heavy odors generally being permanently eliminated after 4 - 7 days.


How large of an area will it process?

The area covered by one generator will vary depending on several factors such as layout of the structure, severity of the problem and airflow. All of our generators are engineered to solve specific problems, there is no problem too large that we can't handle. The determination of which generator fits you best depends on the cubic volume of the room. For the square footages provided, we assume a 9' ceiling. Please contact us with the details of your situation so we may provide you with an accurate recommendation.


Does it kill mold?

Hydroxyl generators purify large areas of infected airspace by cutting off the food source for mold. As a result, there is nothing for mold to feed on since the very bacteria and micro-organisms that fed it have been killed off. Only this way can mold be rendered inert and cannot be resurrected.


Have lab tests been done to show the effectiveness of Hydroxyl generators?

Yes! In fact you can view all of the lab reports done for Hydroxyl generators here on Odorox.com

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