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SpectrumGro is pleased to offer cutting edge technologies that improve health and safety in the cannabis industry. From an invisible light that replaces the need for pesticide spraying in grows, to a faucet that provides ozonated water, our spectrum of air, water, and light solutions are products we stand by and you can trust.
The Pathogen Death Wand

The Pathogen Death Wand (PDW)™strip is not a grow light, it is a patented and patent pending highly specialized LED light. Environmentally safe, the PDW strip destroys detrimental microbial pathogens on cannabis and has no negative effect on cannabinoids, terpenes, or potency

The light strips promote healthier grow cycles by rapidly destroying yeast, mold, and bacteria. They are effective at all stages of the growing process, from clone to cure

AquaLogic Ozonated Water Faucet

Ozone is 100 times stronger than chlorine and kills bacteria 3,100 times faster. It

kills ALL common pathogens and removes ALL pesticides, kills ALL common yeast,

mold, fungi, and algae.

Ozone is chemical free; it produces no toxic by-products and leaves no residues.

The ozination cycle ends after an hour and water returns to normal state.

The ozonated faucet disinfects your grow rooms, plants, and is safer and

more cost effective than other cleaning agents.

SpectrumGro is the your source for a broad spectrum of nature's science that improves  the

health and safety in the cannabis industry. We use nature to solve nature's problems. We are a Clean Green Certified™supplier, meaning using our products will help get you as "close as you can get to organic in cannabis."

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If you are a commercial grow, contact us for a consulation at LearnMore@SpectrumGro.com.

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