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The ODOROX® Boss™ unit is designed for odor control by processing heavy concentration ODOROX® Hydroxyls and is ideal for treating areas affected by:

  • Fire And Water Damage
  • Toxic Odors
  • Fire and Cigarette/Cigar Smoke Odors
  • Organic Compounds
  • Mold

The Boss™ unit is equipped with a selector switch for 1 or 2 ODOROX® Hydroxyl generating optics and a washable filter. The built-in fan is adjustable from approximately 250 to 500 cfm which makes this unit very versatile. Turn the fan to low setting to deodorize small areas such as cars, RVs, boats, bedrooms, or offices. This setting is also ideal for tenting damaged contents on-site. Turn the fan on high to treat larger areas such as basements, homes and businesses. Each unit can deodorize and contaminate UP TO 2000 SQ.FT.