The Science

Our Air, Water, and Light solution is a symbiotic, synergistic approach to cannabis safety.

It’s not any one step that creates a safe growing environment. It’s the redundancy of multitude of steps that ensure the safety of the plant, your staff, and the consumer.

Puradigm Technology

Effect of ultraviolet germicidal lights installed in office ventilation systems
on workers’ health and wellbeing: double-blind multiple crossover trial

Scientists found that shining ultraviolet lights on the air conditioning coil reduces overall sickness

by 20%, reduces respiratory symptoms by 40% and has resulted in a 99% reduction of microbial

and endotoxin concentrations on irradiated surfaces within the ventilation system.

Kona Ozonated Water


Testing on the Bacterial Reducing Faucet


According the EPA Office of Water, ozone is one of the most potent and effective germicides

used in water treatment and is effective against bacteria, viruses, and protozoan cysts.

Response of Hydroponic Tomato to Daily Applications of
Aqueous Ozone via Drip Irrigation

The dissolution of ozone into bulk irrigation solutions is an effective technology for

reducing chemical contaminant and pathogen levels in greenhouse irrigation water.

The Pathogen Death Wand
PhytaTech Metrics & Solutions Mold Test

The VQE light strip decreased total yeast and mold communities by approximately 45% at 19 hours and 57% at 166 hours.

PhytaTech In-Field Study

PhytaTech tested the performance of the Pathogen Death Wand against control grow conditions including six strains of cannabis over an entire grow cycle.

PhytaTech Pathogen Death Wand Report

In Colorado, 10,000 cfu/g is the failing level and that level was not seen on cannabis tested by the PDW light strip during the study. Furthermore, there were no deleterious effects of the PDW treatment on the plant's cannabinoids or terpenes.

SpectrumGro is the your source for a broad spectrum of nature's science that improves  the

health and safety in the cannabis industry. We use nature to solve nature's problems. We are a Clean Green Certified™supplier, meaning using our products will help get you as "close as you can get to organic in cannabis."

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