Product Spotlight: Aqueous Ozone

August 16, 2018

Anyone who grows cannabis has to do a lot of disinfecting of equipment, surfaces, and everything else that goes into a grow room. Bleach and chemicals can be harmful to crops and other essential natural organisms necessary for cannabis to grow healthy. Aqueous Ozone is the solution. Aqueous Ozone, aka liquid ozone, or O3 is an all natural oxidizer which can disinfect 50 times better and 3000 times faster than bleach and can kill over 200 known pesticides within a minute. It is completely safe as it reverts back to oxygen and water in 45 minutes. It is currently used in food processing, water treatment plants, and hospitals  around the world. What this means for cannabis growers is a completely disinfected grow op with no harmful chemical residues or vapors.


Aqueous Ozone is created by adding electricity to the oxygen in the air replicating


the same process the sun uses for the ozone in our atmosphere. The ozone is then infused into ordinary tap water. The new mixture is attracted to germs and bacteria and eliminates them on contact.  


Liquid Ozone can be added to any existing sink through special faucet attachments from Kona. The ozonation process can be turned on or off so it can still be used as a regular faucet. These faucets are also very cheap to run. Costing only approximately $.0015 per gallon potentially saving millions of dollars for large scale growers. They are also installed very easily. All that’s needed are the standard water supply lines on the sink and an AC adapter.  


Once it’s dispensed, Aqueous Ozone lasts about an hour before it reverts back to oxygen and water. But this means it’s also completely safe for humans to consume which is why it’s very common in industrial agriculture, water purification, and hospitals.


Aqueous Ozone is one of the most potent and effective germicides available. It’s all natural, safe, and easy to use, install, and is made using only oxygen, water, and electricity. It is categorized by the FDA as generally safe for direct use making it popular in industries requiring the highest levels of sterilization.


Order your Kona faucet and begin using Aqueous Ozone NOW!


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